Inspiriq.com is owned by Private public company Ciurlionis foundation investments, Gyneju str. 4-101, Vilnius, Lithuania, postal code LT01109. The terms like “we”, “ours”, “us” all refers to the company crew.  Through this www.inspiriq.com website, we provide you all the tools and information that is available on the site for you. It is only based upon your agreement with the terms and conditions, policies and the notices that are stated in our site.

When you are visiting our site and purchasing something from our site, you naturally give your consent to agree with our terms and conditions. You accept to follow our terms and conditions. Our terms of services are stated clearly on the site here. It is applicable to all the site users. All the vendors who use the site, or the customers, or the prospective customers, agree with the terms of services. Merchants, content providers, and the explorers on the web who visit the site are bound to comply with our terms of services.

So, it is mandatory for all of the users, to read the terms of services carefully. It is good to do so, before you access any of the information provided on our site. If you are not willing to accept the conditions and terms stated on our site, then you may not access the information provided on the site. You may not use any of our services as well, in that case.

When you consider the Terms of Service as an offer, then the acceptance is just limited to the service terms, as well. In case, if any additions are made in the future, then those tools will also come under the same terms of services. If you have any ambiguities then you can refer to the latest and the updated version of the terms of services from the site, then and there. We hold the complete rights to do update as and when it is required. You can refer the terms of services often, to note down any periodical changes that are made from time to time. We can do changes on our sales platform. We can change the terms of services too. When you continue to use our site for varied purposes, you will impart consent to all our changed policies and terms of services.

When you agree to all the terms mentioned here, you are representing that you are above the majority age, in the very province or state of your own where you reside. You have given the consent for allowing any minor dependants in your place to use the contents of this site. You will not use any of our products in an unfair manner that is illegal. You will not use the products to deal with the unauthorized people. You will not use our services, in any way for violating the laws in the particular jurisdiction of your own. This is inclusive of the copyright laws but not limited to it.

You agree that you will not transmit viruses or any software worms or malware to destroy the site. If you are breaching the rules and regulations stated above, then you are immediately terminated from using our services anymore.

General conditions of our company

We have the fullest rights to refuse our services to anyone from any part of the world, for any reason, regardless of the time or season.

You understand completely that the personal info that is not inclusive of the credit card details might be transferred in an unencrypted format, involving the transmissions over varied networks. There could be changes made to conform to the technical requirements as directed by the connecting network service provider’s terms. While transferring the credit card information of any kind, it is done only in the encrypted formats over all the networks in use.

You also accept to not to copy, or reproduce, or resell the services of the website fully or partly without our consent. You have to get our consent before you use the contacts mentioned in the site, or exploit any part of the site services.

Our product details and the type of services offered to the customers

We have taken due initiative from our side to present the information crystal clear in every ways possible. The color and shade of the items that you get to see online in the products we sell is just the original. It is presented as precisely as possible. What you see in the online stores, is what you get. At the same time, we cannot guarantee the same about your gadgets used to see the display. The colors that are displayed in your computer screen or mobile phone screens may not be the original colors and shades. There could be slight differences in some cases. Similarly, the product prices are subjected to change often without any notice too.

We absolutely reserve the rights to bring in changes at any point of time, to make amendments or to discontinue our services or change part of the content, without any notice to anyone. All the offers for the products and the services that are announced on the site are void anywhere prohibited. Our company holds no liability to any customer, visitor or the third parties, for making any changes, in the site, or changing the product prices, or complete or temporary discontinuance of the services too.

We are not guaranteeing you about the product quality or the services, to absolutely meet your expectations. We do not assure you that all or any errors could be corrected, in the services that we offer. The information and the materials that you source from our site, may not meet your complete expectations, too.


It is our complete liberty to refuse any orders from anywhere. We own the rights to cancel or limit the quantity of purchases made by any individual from anywhere in the world. We can limit the number of pieces that can be ordered by anyone from any household. These restrictions might include the orders that are placed by the same customer account, or same customer credit cards, and / or the orders that are using the same addresses for billing. The shipping addresses could be same in some cases too. In such cases, we can intimate the customer about the changes that we are going to make to limit the order or cancel the order as we like to do so. If the attempt to contact the customer failed, then we hold no responsibility for that. We own the rights to prohibit the dealer’s orders, to limit the reseller’s orders, or to cut down the quantum of orders to the distributors. It is totally our discretion to take decisions regarding any order for any customer.

Customers must agree to provide the completely correct current details, and precise account information for any purchase that they do in our store. It is the customer’s responsibility, to make changes as and when it is needed, in your account details as per the latest developments. Email addresses must be updated if you had changed it. Credit card information must be the righteous always. See to that you are presenting the right expirations dates for your cards always. That helps us to complete your purchase transactions successfully all the time, and contact you immediately when a need arises.


Some of the content, as well as the products and the services that are made available in our site to the customers, might include the third party materials too.

There are links to the third party sites as well. It is meant for business transactions of variety kind like payment gateways, verifications, and so on. You may be directed to the websites of the third party service providers who might not be affiliated with us. We hold no responsibility for their site content and the accuracy of the information provided in their sites. We are not liable to any inaccuracy in the third party materials or services.

We do not take responsibility for any of your losses, while you transact with the third party sites. We are not liable to your damages related to any purchasing of goods, content, resources, services, or some other kind of transactions that you deal with the third party websites.

You have to review closely, the policies of the third party sites, before you enter into any dealing with these service providers. Before you engage in any third party transactions, make sure that you understand their terms of services and policies clearly. All your queries, Complaints, and concerns, that are related to the third-party services or products can only be directed to the owners of the third-party company.


Privacy policy of ours govern the personal information that you provide in our store

Any mistakes and inaccurate details presented inclusive of the typo errors could be common. There could be omissions too. The mistakes or omissions may be related to our products or services. It can be related to our offers and the shipping costs. It can be related to the transit time. It can be related to the accountability or availability too. In all these cases, we are not liable to hold any responsibility for those mistakes. We completely own the rights to either rectify the mistakes or leave it as it is, only based on our own discretion. We reserve the rights to cancel the orders for any reason whatsoever which may not be informed to the clients or resellers or distributors or merchants.

We are not undertaking any obligation so as to update, or change or to clarify information related to the Service or on any affiliate websites, including without limitations, the pricing information, except as it is required by law. There are no specified updates or refreshed dates applied in the Services or on any of the related websites that shall be taken to indicate you about all the information provided in the Services or on any related websites that has been modified, altered or updated.


There is no guarantee assured to any of the users that the services of ours are not time bounded, or uninterrupted or totally secured or free from mistakes.

You are agreeing to our terms of services that we might remove any of our services or complete services for indefinite period too, or cancel the service too, without intimating anything to you.

You naturally agree that your use or inabilities to use our services are totally at your exclusive individual risks. The services and all the products that are catered to you, (except that are expressly stated by our company) provided ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ for your use, sans representation, sans warranties or sans conditions of any kind, will either express or imply, and including all the implied warranties and / or conditions of merchantability, and the merchantable quality, and the fitness for a specific purpose, in accordance with the durability, titles, and non-infringements.

If you are interested to ask any further questions regarding the legal documentation and procedures, related to your dealings with our site, then please feel free to call us or contact us in this email id info@inspiriq.com