Our Story

Inspiriq idea

“Three key ingredients to massive success: hard-work, positive thinking, and most importantly inspiration.” – Vee Lee

We all have a goal in life. Sometimes it could be something as small as maintaining a healthy routine, and sometimes it could be creating a massive business empire. To achieve a goal we need inspiration in first place and after that a flood of motivation.

The catch is that every day and every second demands motivation. Motivation is conducive to having a greater clarity of mind. Even we as humans often aid in motivating our friends, relatives, and other counterparts. And you know, motivation is born from inspiration.

How about to get an artwork to become a source of inspiration on your or your friends and relatives wall?

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up early and have a glimpse of a inspirational artwork near your working desk? Or for example to see something motivational while you take that first sip of your coffee?

Story behind:

An outcast entre-art-preneur Lil Vee created Inspiriq in vast lands of nowhere in Northern Europe. As he isn’t a Millenial and definitely not a technophiliac, he has  to alwayss put a lot of effort to achieve even little things in life. That’s why he found a big interest in motivation and it’s secrets. On the way to solving the mysteries of successful people around the word he realised that there are many young art lovers (and collectors) who wish to seek inspiration.

That’s why he discovered a profound interest to create and promote wall art canvases. Naturally this activity evolved into ..Inspiriq. Inspiriq is idea, is a word and is a source of inspiration which then can transform into motivation, love, courage, productivity or anything positively else. Inspiration is a currency for positive value which is sought by most people and that’s why Inspiriq was born.