Can I place orders without having an account on your site? canvas prints works can be purchased without having an account. Simply add the items to your shopping cart. Input all the information needed. Submit it.


Is there any order confirmation from your side?

When you had successfully submitted your orders, you receive an email. This confirmation email will contain all the order details.


Is it possible to cancel the order?

Automatic cancellation of orders is not possible. You can send the inquiries regarding cancellation of the orders by sending an email to . If the orders were not confirmed all until then, your cancellation request could be considered.

While submitting the order details, I made a mistake by entering the wrong address. How do I change it?

Please double check the information that you submit before checking out. It is possible to change the ordered details within 24 hours time. However, we don’t take responsibility for any errors made by you while entering required details.


How about tracking facilities to know the order status?

It is a detailed process, so you can track changes then and there. It will be updated to you. When the parcel had reached your proximal post office, then the details will be sent to you to approach them for any inquiries related to dispatch time.


Do I have to worry about any hidden charges when I make a purchase with your company?”

No hidden charges at all.


What are the payment types acceptable?

You can pay through credit cards. You can pay through PayPal. That is all for now.


Is it safe to use my card or PayPal transactions here?

Safety is ensured by all means. Secured socket layers or the SSL technology is used to safeguard the interests of the customers. Personal information collected is stored in the highly held servers with AES-256 encryption. That assures you complete security. Moreover, PCI-DSS standard requirements are followed. Our security standards are on par with excellence in the industry, today.


Are you a global player?

We ship internationally. Any of our products can be delivered to any remote corridors of the world. Customers order us from far and wide around the globe.


What are the shipping charges?

There are no shipment fees as of now. You can order from any country, but the shipment is done for free.


How about the time taken to deliver the products to my doorsteps?

We are shipping it from Europe. Most of the deliveries to any country from here can be made within a fortnight at the most. Yet, sometimes, it may take a month or so. It is worth waiting in any case, though.


How to track the parcel?

You are given a reference number after we dispatch the products from our warehouse. Use this number to get details of the shipment from our service provider.


How about speedy delivery options?

Fastest deliveries are possible. You can get the art work that you ordered just in time for any special events like birthdays, exhibitions, events or any special displays in your facilities. We can do the needful if you are going to request us for a fast delivery. Email us, mentioning your customer id. Email to . We can send you the shipment in the fastest way possible through the UPS, DHL or FedEx courier services.


What if get a broken piece?

Place a replacement requisition. You can send the customer id details to the email id to . Take a picture of the damaged piece and send it to us as soon as you receive the delivery. Don’t delay the email. We can process your request. You can take videos of the damaged item too, to send to us. After evaluation we will make our best to find a replacement offer.


Will you refund the money?

In case if you are receiving any damaged items then we can replace it for you immediately. There is no refund as per our company policies for damaged artworks. We do take utmost care to satisfy the interests of the customers by all means as such. Packing and shipping is done with great deal of attention. The chances of damages are minimal. If somehow you just don’t like artwork we can change or refund your package for 60 days after delivery if returned undamaged, no questions asked, 100% customer satisfaction.


Is there any support services available as of now?

Email us to We will make our best to help you with your issues as fast as we can.


How can I ask for support?

If you have any queries regarding any of our products on the site, you can feel free to email us at . If you have any questions regarding the orders made on our site, then you can drop an email at

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