Why do you collect my personal details?

It is just a part and parcel of the business transactions. It is inevitable. Name, address and the email id, are the personal details that you need to provide correctly before you submit the orders. If we are going to send any news bulletin, or brochures, to your email id or addresses, we will ask your permission before sending any. Your privacy is assured under all the circumstances.

In what way you are getting my consent.

While you are providing us the personal information, for completing the transactions, verifying the credit card details, placing the orders, or while arranging for replacements, we imply that you have totally understood and provided consent to our process of collecting the information. We use it for only specific reasons alone.

We provide you an opportunity always to say “no”.  In that case, you would not receive our updates, about the new products launched in our store.


Is it possible to withdraw the consent provided already?

Mail us at info@inspiriq.com , if you had changed your mind. You can withdraw the consent. You can also mail us to this address:


Throw some light on the disclosure of the personal information provided from our side to your company?

Payment gateways that you are going to use, will determine the process most often. Big players in the industry like PayPal, or shopify will come to know about the credit card details. Of course, it is stored in the encrypted format always. (PCI-DSS) standards are internationally unanimous and we follow that as well. All the customer’s purchasing-transaction details are stored temporarily only all until the process is completed.

It is deleted once the process is over. This is followed by all the payment gateways too. These are set standards that are followed internationally as per the pci-dss norms. Special instructions come from the standards council regarding any amendments made in these rules and regulations. It is a combined effort of the premium players in the industry like the master and visa services, the Amex group, and the Discover. PCI-DSS norms followed, help us for secured transactions. If it is requested by the law enforcement officials, to provide your personal information, we might provide it, or in case, if you are going to violate the terms and conditions mentioned in our site.


How about the third parties involved in the transactions? Will they comply with your policies and terms of services too?

Generally, the third party services providers we use can only collect information, use it and disclose the information, only to a certain extent that is needed. It is to perform the services.  However, some of the third party service companies, like the payment gateways, as well as the payment transaction processing service companies, will have their regular set of policies.

It is recommended that you can go through the terms and privacy policies of these third parties involved in the transactions to have better clarity.

Some of the service providers will have facilities in different jurisdictions that can be in your area or ours. So, based on the transactions and the third party services used, the information disclosure will be subjected to the local rules, of the location of the service provider. The moment you are leaving our site to fill up details with the third party service provider site, or the mobile app, you are not governed by our specific site privacy policies and terms of services.


How is my personal data protected?

So as to protect all your personal info, we are taking due initiative. We are making reasonable precautionary measures. It is done in order to protect the interests of our customers. Industry best policies are practiced here. It is to ensure that the information provided is not used inappropriately. It is not misused. The personal information provided is not changed, or revealed, or accessed or destroyed.

All the information that you provide about the credit card of yours, is processed in the secured socket layers in the encrypted format.  The information is stored in the AES-256 encrypted format.

There is no information exchange on the web that is totally secured. However, we can tell you that we follow the standards of PCI-DSS, which is on par to industry excellence standards.

How about the consent age, for the privacy policies and the terms of services?

While you use the site, you agree that you are above the age of majority in your territory. Also, you have given us the consent to allow your minor dependents to use this site as well.


How about the consistency of the privacy policies, in all these years and in the future?

We have the complete rights to change the privacy policies at any point of time, as we please to do so. You can review it frequently to get the latest information. When it is posted on the website, then it comes to immediate effect. If there are any material changes made to the policies then the customers are notified about the changes as well. That is why you can provide us your consent to send you updates regularly about the site updates.

Updates might contain the information about how we are using it, for what reasons, how we use or reveal information, and so on. If in case, the online stores of our own, is acquired by some other company, then all the personal details that you have provided to us, will be transferred to the new management. They can sell any of the products continuously to you.


What is the marketing channel that you use?

We use the re-targeting strategy as our marketing technique with your consent.


Re-targeting means what?”

It is a technology that is reliant on the cookies. It uses the codes in the JavaScript. It is used to follow the audience on the internet anonymously. Pixels are used for this purpose in our site. It is nothing but a small unobtrusive coding in our site. When a first time visitor to our site is identified, then the code creates an anonymous cookie for the browser. The visitors can browse the web for different reasons while they are followed by the cookie. The re-targeting provider will come to know about the right times to present the right ads following the cookie to varied sites that you visit.  Advertisements are served to only those who have visited the site already.


Can you mention about the type of cookies that are used in your site?”

The messages that the web servers will be passing to your particular web browser, are termed as cookies. Cookies of different types are sent to you based on the type of sites that you are going to explore.
It is your browser that will store all the information in the cookie files. As and when the request is sent to the web server to send another page, the cookies are sent back to the server again.
Here are the two types of cookies that we are using in our site
Cookies of Facebook that uses the face book retargeting solutions of pixel technology.
Google ad words, cookies for retargeting, that uses the Google ad words retargeting techniques.


Mention about the ad types that you serve?

It is not possible for the advertisers to use the ad categories of the sensitive kind. Targeting users in this way for promoting the advertisers services or products is not allowable. Advertisements that are served will not contain adult sites promotions, alcoholic brands, casinos info, clinical trial recruitment, crimes, relationships, medicated drugs, targeting children, under thirteen years of age, anything related to the abuse and trauma, anything related to religious beliefs, trade union affiliate programs, political agendas, partial nude promotions, personalized advertisements about birth control. Advertisements that are shared will be related to your genuine interests without disturbing you.


Is there a way out of it, to not to be followed by your cookies?

Simply just turn off cookies in your machine browser, and you are good to go. We would not recognize you as an account holder in that way. Registered users enable cookies to get identified.


Contact information to reach us?

Address:- Gyneju str. 4-101,Vilnius LT01109,Lithuania.

Email: info@inspiriq.com


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