The living room is one common space where you socialize, interact, chill, and spend most of your time making this space one of the most used spaces in your house. And, such spaces need to be aesthetically appealing and what better than canvas art.

Here are 4 reasons why canvas art is a must-have for your living room space.

  1. Add character to space

The colors or lack of it, the texture, the definition, canvas art can add personality to your space. Depending on the style of your interior- contemporary, fusion or classic, choose the art piece.

  1. A window to your personality

Your choice of artwork can reflect your personality. So whether you are a nature lover or an animal lover, an experimental person or a traditional one, enjoy classic or fusion you have all the choices.

  1. A conversational starter

Art is the perfect ice breaker as everyone has their own interpretations of a piece of art. Also, how one interprets art speaks a lot about their ideologies and views.

  1. Experiment with your décor

One of the most versatile mediums of expression- oil, watercolor, pencil, crayon- all works well in living rooms. Also, since the living room is one of the biggest spaces in the house you are free to experiment with combinations, sizes and even paneling.

Now that you know why you should invest in canvas art paintings here’s how you can choose the right artwork for your living room:

  1. Choose a piece that reflects your personality

The art you choose reflects your personality, so select a piece that defines you or something that you believe in or something that inspires you.

  1. Choose the right size

An artwork that is not the right size can disturb the look and aesthetics of a room. Measure the dimension of your wall and ensure the size of the piece does not exceed 2/3rd of the size of the furniture.

  1. The right position to be placed

The perfect position to place artwork is where it adds value to the room. The place where the art is placed needs to have proper light and visual accessibility. Identify the right orientation to display your art piece.

  1. Frame it well

A frame can also make or break the look so choose carefully. Choose an ornate gold frame to highlight a simple piece of art and if you have wooden or leather furniture you can go for complementary wooden frames. To provide a definition to the artwork use a minimalist frame or you can go for metallic frames that allows you to pick a color from the artwork and highlight that in the frame.

  1. Position it right

The most common and safest place to place your artwork is in the center, but you can experiment and even go off-center but make sure there’s something on the other side to balance the look. And, if you are planning to display a couple of art pieces, go for an odd number and start with the center.

Looking for advice on art? We’re are here to guide you in the right direction.

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